Saturday, June 16, 2018

Kindergarten: Found Object Insects

Kindergarten students began this lesson by comparing El Cucaracho by Rivera-Barrera with Butterfield’s sculpture, Palamino. The former carved his sculpture from wood, while the latter gained fame from her sculptures of horses made exclusively from scrap wood and/or metal. Students noticed and discussed that while many artists create their artworks from raw materials such as paint or clay, others use scrap and found materials to construct new creations. In this manner, artists can use recognizable materials in a unique and interesting way. Students were then shown examples of sculptures by Nam June Paik and Jack King, and asked if they could recognize some of the everyday objects used in the sculptures. Antique radios, car steeling wheels and lightbulbs were just some of the objects used. Students were told that like Rivera-Barrera, they, too, would be creating a sculpture of an insect, but would be doing so from scrap materials in the manner of Butterfield.

Students were given trays full of various craft objects and given a brief demonstration on the several ways pieces could be attached together. Students were encouraged to try a variety of materials to create interesting insect sculptures.