Friday, June 22, 2018

Grade Three: Using Color to Show Emotion

Students in the third grade began this lesson by viewing four examples of paintings done in the style of abstract expressionism. Students were instructed to consider how color can be used to represent non-concrete concepts such as emotional feelings. Each of the four paintings were shown in slide form, during which time, students described the emotions they felt were represented in each painting, or any emotions the colors evoked in themselves.

Each student was then assigned an emotion to depict in watercolor paint, from four possibilities: joy, fear, anger and sadness. Students have already had previous experience with watercolor techniques that convey different qualities, such as bleeding colors together or painting with minimal water to achieve crisp brushstrokes. These techniques would be necessary to consider when students had to make their own decision when depicting a specific emotion in their own painting. Students were encouraged to make thoughtful decisions, and to also consider shape, line and paint quality, in addition to color choices, to best represent their assigned emotion.