Sunday, June 24, 2018

Grade One: People In Motion, Near and Far

First graders began this lesson by discussing their favorite parks and playgrounds and the kinds of outdoor activities they enjoy doing. Then, students examined several artworks which depict people who are moving and engaging in outdoor activities such as playing, dancing and beach wading. Students described how the artist of each painting was able to show us what the people were supposed to be doing in the various actions, i.e. arms bent, legs in striding positions, etc.Students were then led to notice how the artists showed people and objects which were close to the viewer and those which were far, and discussed how objects appear smaller and higher in a composition to indicate distance, and how the horizon line helps to place those objects within the picture.

Students were then instructed to draw an outdoor scene of people engaged in an activity, such as dance, sports or play. They were also required to use scale to depict items within the picture which were near and far from the viewer.