Saturday, June 16, 2018

Grade Five: Symbolic Monoprints

Fourth graders were introduced to the printmaking method of monoprinting, a method of printing very different from other printmaking forms in that there is no permanent plate created from which to create more replicas. In order to help students better understand the complicated process of monoprinting, they were shown a demonstration of inking the printing plate and using stencils to block out desired shapes and areas for printing, as well as drawing into the ink surface. Students were then guided through a discussion and shown various examples of monoprints by contemporary printmakers. Having some idea how a monoprint is created, students were now able to guess the steps each artist employed in each of the examples in order to create their final results.

Students were then instructed to create stencils to represent at least one symbol to be used in a final monoprint. Students were also required to include other printing effects in their print, along with their stencils. Prints were then numbered and signed.