Saturday, June 16, 2018

Grade Five: People In Action Paintings

Students in grade five first examined three paintings in which movement was depicted by abstract artists, Elaine de Kooning, in a style called Expressionism, and Carlo Carra and Natalia Goncharov and in a style known as Futurism. In both styles, the artists abstracted by leaving out details, capturing the main idea or feeling in a subject, while also moving the brush in a way that matches a feeling the artist wants to express. At the turn of the 20th century, these artists thought motion and energy were important ideas for current and future art. Students were led to noticed how the artists explored ways to show the motion and energy of people, animals, machines and other subjects using repeated lines, broken shapes, blurred colors, etc.

Later, students were instructed to create a painting which depicted at least one person or animal in motion. Other creatures, machines and objects could also be depicted in motion. Students were required to emphasize movement in a manner that suggested energy or motion. Artist mannikins and photos were available for students to work from.