Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Kindergarten: Self-Portraits Using a Mirror

Kindergarteners began this lesson with a brief discussion of the variations in people’s faces, i.e. shape, eye and skin color, texture of hair. Students were then shown the two self-portraits listed above and asked to compare the two works to find differences and similarities. Students were told that these artworks are self-portraits of two very famous artists, and that they would be creating a self-portrait of themselves, using a mirror, just like the Leonardo and Van Gogh.

Because of the important addition of using a mirror, this self-portrait differs greatly in process and appearance from the first self-portrait done by students in September. At this point in their development, kindergarteners are ready to try working from observation. Students watched a demonstration by the teacher, paying close attention to ways of rendering various features such as the shape of the head, texture of eyelashes, etc.