Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Grade Five: Personalized Relief Sculptures

For this lesson, students in the fifth grade were shown various examples of relief sculpture, ranging from examples from ancient Egypt to contemporary Mexican folk art. Students discussed how materials have changed over time, and how subjects vary from culture to culture, but the basic techniques of relief-building remain the same. Students were asked to describe the difference between relief and free-standing sculpture, as well as high relief and low relief.

Students were instructed to design a personal symbol to represent themselves in some way, inspired by how artists use symbolism in artworks of all sorts to convey information and meaning. After creating a symbol in relief from thin cardboard, students were able to incorporate the decorative elements of embossing and then covered the cardboard with tin foil and used a pencil to gently press designs into the surface. The foiled surface was then coated with a thin layer of india ink, which was rubbed off later, bring up the more subtle designs and textural effects.