Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Grade Four: Cereal Box Package Design

Fourth graders were shown three consummable items (a bottle of glue, a box of mints, etc) and asked to look carefully are their packaging to identify what all three had in common. Students noticed that all three packages had use of colors, pictures, company logos, and fonts and letterstyles. Students discussed why packages of items we purchase make use of special design elements, and that such elements are planned and designed by artists known as graphic designers. The role of the graphic designer was explained and a list was generated of the many things which employ text and pictures that graphic designers plan, which we use and see everyday.

Students were also shown several examples of laundry detergent bottles and were led to notice that planning all the visual and text elements within package design can convey visual messages to consumers. Classes were then told they would be designing a package for a ficticious cereal brand called ‘Big B’. They were encouraged to invent mascots, logos and company names, as well as slightly change the name to fit an appropriate or interesting idea they had for the cereal. They were required to include pictures and lettering, as well think about fonts and font sizes, colors, placement and visual elements.