Saturday, September 30, 2017

Observational Drawing: Still Life: Continuous Line Drawing/Grade Four

This month's observational drawing activity for second, third, fourth and fifth graders consisted of a still life composed of many different types of objects and textures. Each grade approached the still life differently, using different skills or fresh approaches to a revisited subject.

Grade four students have had much experience drawing from observation while in previous grades while also developing alternative methods of drawing when approaching observational subjects. Some of these drawing methods are used to help strengthen and develop better concentration, which improve a student's focus, perception and skill. One such method is the continuous line drawing. Here, fourth graders attempt to draw as much of the still life as possible, all the while using only one, continue line and not allowing their pen to lift from the paper! Pens are used to eliminate the opportunity to erase mistakes, thus forcing students to concentrate on the present line. Student's attention was brought to notice that line drawings differ in appear from shaded drawings. They have their own unique style, and continuous line drawings are even more distinct in their appearance from other line drawings. Students then came together to share their drawing and experiences before the end of class.