Saturday, September 30, 2017

Observational Drawing: Still-Life: Overlapping/Grade Two

This month's observational drawing activity for second, third, fourth and fifth graders consisted of a still life composed of many different types of objects and textures. Each grade approached the still life differently, using different skills or fresh approaches to a revisited subject. Grade two, however, had their first ever experience drawing the still life arrangements that were set up at each table for closer examination. For second graders, this is their first year creating a sketchbook. They were told that they would be using their books in Art class periodically, throughout the year, for various reasons, including the practice of observational drawing.

A still life offers a unique perspective from single-object observation because spatial factors and placement must be considered and depicted. Students were led to notice how objects are situated behind, in front of, and next to other objects. They were instructed to draw what they saw from their seat, and to include overlapping, scale and placement in their drawing. Students had the option of adding colored, if they choose.